Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wrestling Seuss style

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I know this isn't exactly Dr. Seuss, but since it is HIS day, I wanted to write another wrestling poem. This time hyping Saturday night's Stride Pro Wrestling show.

The wrestlers of Stride will soon celebrate one year.
That is something hundreds of fan will cheer.
A show is set for this Saturday eve.
For just 10 bucks great action you'll receive.
You won't find a cat in or hat or green eggs and ham, 
but the GM in charge has the first name of Sam.
The champion Hatton teams with Joey and Jay
they'll battle the Mafia where the smackdown will lay.
Red, Roger and Jake are some really bad dudes,
but the good guys will fix those nasty attitudes.
Ax used a chain to knock out the Farmer
now J Wells should buy his guy armor.
Ax and Phoenix will team once again,
But Farmer and Hargas have plans to win.
Diamond and Cash were friends, but are now foes.
On Saturday night they'll come to blows.
A fabulous newcomer from south of the border
wants to win Legacy gold in short order.
But champion TDawg climbed to the top.
He's on a streak that'll be hard to stop.
Then there's the DR Party of Dexter and Bryan.
When their lips move they're most likely lying.
They'll take on two newcomers looking for fame,
but the duo will have to be on top of their game.
Sarah Summers plans to make a big hit
she'll step through the ropes against Little Bit.
Wilk battles Edwards in his return to Stride
no gold on the line, but a whole lot of pride.
These are the matches so don't be insane.
come join the fun and meet our ref Lane.

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