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Goldberg doesn't need the Universal Championship

Face to face
Courtesy: WWE

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I know I've been critical of Goldberg since his return right before the Survivor Series in late 2016. My criticism isn't meant to be negative, I'm just expressing the other side of the argument as many fans are popping over his return. I preface this all with the caveat: I've never been a Goldberg fan. I don't hate the guy, I just never connected with him as a fan. I think in part because I was always a WWF guy over WCW in the Monday Night Wars, but even when he signed with WWE in 2003, I felt "meh." 

But putting my own thoughts and feelings to the side for a moment, I see the value in bringing back legends. Society in general loves nostalgia. That's why shows and cartoons from the 80s are coming back in big screen form. Yes, I've seen The Smurfs Movie, Scooby-Doo and the new Ghostbusters. I will probably go see Baywatch later this year. And I marked out when the Rock came back. But I don't think he should have had a run with the belt again.

Courtesy: WWE
As much as I love seeing my favorites come back and work with the current roster, I find value in those former Superstars helping establish the future. The Rock killing the Wyatt Family last year at WrestleMania and Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley beating up on The League of Nations did nothing for these full-time Superstars. Putting the Universal Championship on Goldberg this weekend will be another example of that.

Kevin Owens
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I know there will be those who argue Kevin Owens looks more like a pro bowler than a pro wrestler and a "fat guy" shouldn't be representing WWE. I couldn't disagree more and I've laid out my points on that in the past so I won't rehash it here. A year from now Owens will still be around. Will Goldberg? What about in five years? I'm not suggesting Owens cleanly beat Goldberg, especially considering Goldberg is headed to Mania against Brock Lesnar, but I don't think he should be going into the event as champion either.

Owens vs. Jericho
Courtesy: WWE
I don't read spoilers or speculation usually so I don't know what the plan is right now. But in my 1-2-3 cents, Goldberg will win by either disqualification or count out. This can set up Owens-Jericho at Mania with both the U.S. and Universal championships on the line. By dirty means, Owens wins both (Jericho is allegedly going to tour with Fozzy next month). Then Owens can drop the Universal Championship to Finn Balor and I'll be quiet (not likely) about the situation. But putting the gold on Goldberg is a band-aid solution that does nothing to help the current crop of Superstars.

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