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Not so Fast(lane)

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If you've been paying attention you probably know I'm not thrilled with the results from Fastlane. It is what it is, and I'll get to my feelings on the Goldberg champion win and YOUR 3 Cents too in a moment. But I also want to touch on the other travesty of justice that went down: ending Charlotte Flair's pay-per-view win streak.

Bayley retains
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It was destined to end, I just wish WWE would have done it on a bigger show, like oh let's say the biggest freakin' show of the year in five weeks, WrestleMania. I don't mind so much that it's Bayley who ended the streak, but after seeing these two go at it on NXT and now on Raw, someone outside the box would have been refreshing. I guess I got my hopes up when I saw some speculation last week that NXT Women's Champion Asuka was mentioned as a possible WrestleMania opponent for Charlotte. I don't want to rush to judgment and will wait patiently to see what's next for the women.

Now to Goldberg. Quick recap: never been a fan, but that doesn't mean I don't respect what he did for the business in the late 90s and during his brief run in WWE. I'm not a fan of anyone coming in after a 13.5-year hiatus and being handed a title shot in his third match back. I'm even less of a fan of that person winning the championship in less than 30 seconds. And even lesser of a fan of that new champion facing another part-time performer (who has been suspended from UFC for drug violations).

Goldberg wins
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Let's also approach this from another side. Why would Chris Jericho cost Kevin Owens the WWE Universal Championship when all signs are pointing to a match with KO at Mania? Wouldn't Jericho have wanted to be the one to end Owens' reign? Enough of my venting, here's what others are saying on the My 1-2-3 Cents social media sites. Some are for Goldberg, others share my thoughts.

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  • Chad: (poop emoji) "Nostalgia only goes so far. The main event at the biggest show of the year shouldn't be between two guys who will wrestle probably six times this year combined."
  • goodbirger: "As a casual wrestling fan, I dig it. It will make me want to watch for the time being. Also, I hate that belt. I wish they would use a throwback belt for the big title."
  • Martin Endersby: (thumbs down) "Time for WWE to probably ditch the old guard and part-timers. There's more than enough young, rising talent out there."
  • Greg Mehochko: "I agree with Martin. I know (or at least 'I'm pretty sure') WWE has something more "big picture" in mind. But you just took the main event (or co-main) of WrestleMania and gave it to two part-time guys."
  • Garrett Turner: "If WWE really wants to build up their roster as legitimate, they would not have their Universal Champion (Kevin Owens at the time) lose in less than a minute to someone who hadn't held the world title in 13+ years!! I get the fact that he is a huge draw and brings back nostalgia. But if he gets winded walking to the ring, I dread what we have in store for us at WrestleMania between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. I feel like they should focus their efforts on building stars and not relying on those of the past."
  • Ken Johnson: "He came back to put butts in the seats. He deserves to be champ for a week or so."
  • Robert Wilson: "Yay, because the new young talent has no respect. They want it easy the old talent paved the way and still has a big following and spend the money there is a need for new faces but don't discount the vets."
    Thank you to everyone who weighed in. I will say this title change makes me feel a lot less sad about not being in Orlando this year for Mania. Hopefully, the show will still be great. I am curious to see what happens with this match now. And hey at least Neville retained the Cruiserweight Title... 

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