Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The HunsBurger 2.0

Courtesy: Tom Harness
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Four years ago CrossRoads Coffee Company in Carterville created the Kevin HunsBurger. I've written about it plenty of times before, but bring it up to set the tone for the today's post. I wrote a blog recently about hoping that a burger joint here in southern Illinois would bring back the HunsBurger. It was, for the most part, a joke on my part, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from two restaurants.

The HunsBurger
S&B's Burger Joint in Carbondale got to work on the idea. I exchanged a few emails with the owner and we worked out the details. It was decided the month of March the Reuben would be the HunsBurger. The burger is "a blend of corned beef brisket & ground Angus beef grilled to perfection, topped with Bavarian sauerkraut, loads of melted Swiss cheese, deli mustard and 1000 Island." 

The burger concept is not about me. Because of my last name and the fact that I was called Kevin Hunsburger a million times as a kid, it has made sense to work with restaurants on this. But the reason I've endorsed the idea both times is because a portion of the sales from the HunsBurger goes to charity. At CrossRoads, we raised hundreds of dollars for the American Cancer Society. Now S&B's is donating one dollar from each HunsBurger to the Austin Wade Foundation.

Austin was a classmate of my oldest son. When the boys were in sixth grade Austin died as the result of a brain tumor. His family and friends have honored his legacy some five years later. The Austin Wade Foundation helps families with a child battling cancer pay for expenses associated with the disease. My hope is that S&B's sells at least 250 HunsBurgers and the foundation receives $250 to continue helping families during a difficult time.

Thumbs up
Courtesy: Tom Harness
So if you live in southern Illinois, please stop by S&B's Burger Joint in the University Mall in Carbondale and try the HunsBurger. The promotion goes on until March 31. Thank you, all and thanks to S&B's for supporting such a great organization. 

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  1. That is awsome of this idea...little austin wade wss a good child.he was a caring little guy..i miss austin so much...and his mom is an swdome lady.shes a fighter denise is a passionate person.i would luv to try this sandwich sometime...