Sunday, March 12, 2017

The great escape

We escaped

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After years of wanting to do it, my family finally embarked on an escape room adventure. We traveled to Paducah, Kentucky to check out Talon Falls Escape. Because they don’t want the secrets of the room out, cameras are banned from inside and my details about the experience will be vague.

We chose the Heist game. Other selections include the Collector and the Antidote. You have to make reservations online, so don’t just show up and expect to get in. Our family of five was paired with two other couples. Before going in there’s an instructional video and the game master walks you into the room.

You’re surrounded by clues and it’s your team’s job to figure out the answers and start unlocking things to get to the next phase of the game. It’s a timed experience. There are 60 minutes on the clock and we wondered before going in if we’d “escape.”

Our team decided to go with the easy mode, which included six free clues. We used those to our advantage and managed to get through it all in just over 55 minutes. It was a lot of fun and even the teenagers got into the problem-solving mission. It’s something we’ll go back and do again, trying one of the other rooms.

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