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Foreign Object Friday: Gaylord Stevens' umbrella

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We, of course, all remember Jim Cornette's tennis racket, Jimmy Hart's megaphone and Mr. Fuji's cane. For this series, I am going to look at some lesser known objects used throughout the course of wrestling. This week takes us to the indy scene.

Gaylord circa 2009 (I think)
Courtesy: Monica Mileur
For many years indy manager, Gaylord Stevens came to the ring dressed in a suit that was out of style even in the 1970s, a Nintendo Power Glove and his trusty umbrella. He'd go so far as to keep more than one umbrella on hand and tote them around in a bag intended for golf clubs. When the time was right he'd help his guys, whether it was Ax Allwardt, Brandon Walker or "Playboy" Paul Rose get the advantage.

Look closely the umbrella is there
Once All American Pro Wrestling started doing monthly TV tapings, I got to see more and more of Gaylord and his umbrella. I remember it being used against some of the company's top good guys like champion Edmund "Livewire" McGuire, Heath Hatton and Joey O'Riley. I think there was an incident involving special guest Colt Cabana one time too.

Livewire vs. Gaylord
Courtesy: Adam Testa
The umbrella never helped bring gold to any of Gaylord's men (that I recall), but it did make an impact. But one of the most memorable impacts was when Livewire attacked Gaylord with his own weapon. He whacked the devious manager more than once. Some five years later, I'd bet Gaylord is still stinging from those hits.

Gaylord has retired from the wrestling business. It's a shame as he was entertaining and innovative with what he did. I enjoyed interviewing him, watching him do his segment "Old School" and even calling matches with him from time to time. 

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