Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome back, Show Off

Courtesy: WWE
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I have been waiting for years for what happened Tuesday night on SmackDown Live. After straying from his heel and show off ways, it appears Dolph Ziggler is getting back to his roots. The frustration came to a boiling point after he lost to Baron Corbin (I can't even...) and he took out his anger on good guys like Kalisto and Apollo Crews.

Courtesy: WWE
I've been a fan of Dolph's since the character's debut in the fall of 2008. If Mr. Perfect and Billy Gunn ever had a kid, it would have been Ziggler. He's great in the ring and on the mic. But I was never a big fan of the good guy persona, especially the brief stint with Lana. My hope is Dolph's new attitude takes us back to the Show Off character and less reliance on mimicking some of the mannerisms and wardrobe of Shawn Michaels.   

Courtesy: WWE
The sky is the limit for Dolph, despite his near decade with WWE. He needs to get past what appears to be an early rivalry with Crews. I like him too, but Creative has done a poor job of making me care about the guy. Ziggler has the potential to be one of SmackDown Live's top heels. Another run with the World Title would be great, but not necessary to define Ziggler's career. He's more natural in that cocky, heel role so let him run with it again. Just please don't let he and Corbin start teaming together...

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