Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Positive rumblings

It's Samoa Joe!
Courtesy: WWE
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A lot of wrestling fans, myself included, have done some complaining on social media about the outcome of the WWE Royal Rumble. Last year I vowed to be more positive in my postings, but there are times I don't necessarily like the outcomes of events and a snarky or negative post gets made. Episode 115 of the podcast this week, Chad and I voice our concerns with the current landscape leading up to WrestleMania. But that's the past and now a few positive notes from the Rumble and the Raw after.

Courtesy: WWE
1. Neville is the new Cruiserweight Champion. For weeks Neville has been the self-anointed "King of the Cruiserweights" and that destiny was fulfilled Sunday night. Neville beat Rich Swann in a great match. I have been a fan of "the King" since before he signed with WWE, so naturally, his title win is awesome. My hope is his involvement in the division will draw more interest to the 205 contenders.

Owens flyin' high
Courtesy: WWE
2. Roman Reigns didn't win the Universal Championship. I understand this is negative, and maybe I should say Kevin Owens retained the title. I don't dislike Reigns, but I don't think he's ready to be at the top of the hill again. I want to see the Owens-Chris Jericho angle play out.

Rollins gets mugged
Courtesy: WWE
3. Samoa Joe appears to be on the main roster. I popped as I scrolled through my social media feed Tuesday morning (I go to bed before Raw ends) and saw pics of Joe destroying Seth Rollins. Throw in the "Holy shit!" chant from the fans and my day was made. It's not that I dislike Rollins, I'm just glad to see Joe on the main roster. And yes, I'm the guy 10 years ago who referred to Joe as "Rikishi 2.0". I'm an ass, I know.

There are plenty of things to complain about in wrestling (and in life), but taking a look at the glass being half full is what's best for my business. 

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