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Rumble Ramblings: #4 Great Scot! Piper wins

Hot Rod wins
Courtesy: WWE
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Since the 2017 Royal Rumble is right around the corner, I've decided to countdown to this year's event with my 10 favorite non-Rumble Royal Rumble matches. 

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper had been a part of the WWF for years, but never won any kind of gold during his run. That all changed at the 1992 Royal Rumble. Bret Hart, sick with a high fever, lost the Intercontinental Championship to The Mountie on the Friday before the Rumble. After the win, The Mountie beat on Hart with the belt until Hot Rod came to the rescue. But his good deed was rewarded with a sneak attack by the new champ. Piper fought back and challenged The Mountie 48 hours later.

Rewatching this, makes me miss wrestling from the 'good ole days.' Piper's promo was on par as he vowed to walk out of the arena with two titles, the IC and World championships. Hot Rod was in the Royal Rumble as well. The winner of that match would be crowned champ.

Sleeper hold
Courtesy: WWE
The match itself was far from a technical masterpiece. Piper starts off early brawling with Mountie and the two spill onto the floor. Once back inside it's a classic Piper match complete with an eye gauge and the sleeper hold for the finish. Piper's face after winning the match tells the story. There's a look of complete and genuine satisfaction as he holds up the championship belt. It's one of my favorite Hot Rod memories.

He held the IC title until WrestleMania where he lost it to Hart. The match was a classic and Piper wouldn't hold WWE gold again until he and Ric Flair won the tag team titles from the Spirit Squad.

10 Favorite Non-Rumble Royal Rumble matches

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