Monday, December 14, 2015

Tripping the Other Heels

Triple H attacked
Courtesy WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Just wanted to weigh in real quick on the ending of WWE TLC.  Roman Reigns destroyed Triple H after Sheamus and his fellow League of Nations buddies celebrated in the ring.  Of course I'm speculating and doing exactly what I hate from others, but it appears this is leading to a Triple H-Reigns match at either the Royal Rumble, Fast Lane or Wrestlemania.  

I don't like putting the cart before the horse and I know everything is part of a bigger picture, but I have to share My 1-2-3 Cents on the situation as I see it right now.  To me, putting Triple H in the ring with who the company is selling as the biggest baby face shows there's something wrong in terms of developing new characters, especially heels.

The League
Courtesy: WWE
Seth Rollins injury wasn't expected so I can cut them some slack on that.  When I look at the rest of the "bad" guys on the roster, no one stands out as being a credible top guy.  Even when Rollins was champ, I feel like he wasn't booked as the top guy.  I don't dislike Sheamus, but I'm still having trouble buying into him.  Rusev, King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens are all on the cusp of greatness.  Don't forget about Bray Wyatt (even though it seems creative has) either.  However I feel like for whatever reason WWE simply isn't pushing them.

My pick for top heel
Courtesy: WWE
We've seen a lot of guys go down with injuries this past year, including Rollins, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro.  I'll continue to harp that the time is now (actually yesterday) to start building a more solid foundation for the talent that's there on a regular basis.  That's not to say Triple H can't and shouldn't do a couple matches a year, I'm just not sure I like where this is headed with Roman.  It seems too similar to 2014 and the triumph Bryan achieved at Wrestlemania XXX.

Time will tell.  Maybe I'm wrong.  But I still think more needs to be done to help the younger guys excel as Superstars and not just hold that label because it's the company's buzz word.

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