Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ho Ho Hunsperger: Nintendo

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Long before X Box, Playstation and the iPhone, we played video games on the Atari.  And before that we actually had Pong.  But in 1986, the coolest thing in the gaming world hit the market: the Nintendo Entertainment System.  With its 8 bits and colorful new characters, the gaming system was a welcomed addition under our Christmas tree that year.

The only hunting I ever did
My brother and I had hung up the joy stick from the Atari and embraced the NES controller with its extra buttons and features.  It took some time getting use to the changes and maneuvering the heroes on Super Mario Bros.  We'd spend hours playing as Mario and Luigi trying to save Princess Peach.  I'm not much of a gamer and was never able to complete the mission.  The cool thing about NES was the ability to add different controllers.  We got the gun and had lots of fun with that silly dog in the Duck Hunt game.

8 bit wrasslin' action

Another favorite from that system was Duck Tales.  I also enjoyed the track and field game, but as a wrestling fan how could I not love Pro Wrestling and eventually the WWF games.  Back then when a game wouldn't play right, we'd pull out the cartridge and blow inside it. Most of the time it worked.  I miss those days of 8 bit action.


  1. I do believe her name was Princess Toadstool before it was Princess Peach. Like Bowser was Koopa first. I never understood why they changed the names

  2. Good call on Ducktales. Still holds up after all these years.