Friday, October 1, 2010

Freak of the Week: Isaac Yankem, D.D.S.

Photo courtesy: WWE
This week's selection is a request from my producer, Weston.  Does the guy in the picture look familiar?  No it's not Dr. D David Schultz.  It's a different doctor.  A dentist to be exact.  

Isaac Yankem, DDS was the WWF's evil resident dentist.  He was Jerry the King Lawler's personal dentist and the King had brought him in to help with his feud against Bret Hart.  There were vignettes featuring the mad dentist inflicting pain on his patients.  He said he'd do the same to his opponents, but I think he caused fans more pain watching this gimmick. 

Most of his matches were squash ones.  The feud with Bret never got IY over.  Instead, the former champ came out on top.  I came across a video of IY vs. the Undertaker.  Ironic don't ya think.  15 years later the two are preparing for battle again, just under a different gimmick.

It really didn't get over and never lasted long.  The man behind the floss and toothpaste was Glenn Jacobs.  Shortly after the IY gimmick ended, he became the fake Diesel.  Again, that one didn't last long either.  But in late 1997, Jacobs raised all sorts kane, when he became the Undertaker's burned up and deranged baby brother, Kane.  

It doesn't take a genius (shout out to Lanny Poffo) to figure out Kane was without a doubt the right move for Jacobs to make.  He's one of the longest lasting gimmicks in the WWE.  Who would have thought that bumbling dentist with the crooked teeth himself would go on to become the world champion.

Rinse and spit and let's honor the Freak of the Week: Dr. Isaac Yankem.

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