Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things That Make You Go, "Huh?"

Pro wrestling and logic.  Two words that do not go together, or at least not often enough.  My "wrestling roundtable" friends and I have been discussing this for years now.  Today, I'm going to site a few examples from just this week alone.

Since I always seem to pick on WWE, I'll start with them.  Although, I'll credit Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for pointing this out during Monday's RAW.  Why in the world did the WWE roster not gang up on and eliminate John Cena and Wade Barrett from the battle royal?  Or at least try.  I don't recall any of the E guys going after Cena.  Logic would tell you to eliminate the biggest threat in the ring.  Cena was obviously odds on favorite to win, so why not gang up on him?  Even when the Nexus numbers were dwindling, you still had Miz and Morrison and RTruth and Dibiase going at it.  I know they're all feuding, but if the Nexus is really supposed to be this great threat and after all the beatdowns they've handed out, why not gang up on them.

Okay, got that out of the way.  Now on to TNA.  And I'll admit, I do not regularly watch the product.  I read a lot of the results and news and even follow Bischoff on Facebook.

My posse was discussing this morning that RVD's return to the ring comes on the same night that 3 guys are going to be battling for the title he held before it was stripped away from him.  Why on earth did they strip him of the belt in the first place?  Why not have him lose it in the ring and then suffer the injury?  Instead, we've waited for how long to get a new champ when the former champ is already back in the ring.

My friend Chad also pointed this out.  "RVD's beat down which resulted in internal bleeding and ruptured organs kept him out of action for a shorter period of time than the Pope's legit ankle injury."  Yeah, you want to write the guy off the show for a bit, but why make his injuries seem so extraordinary?  Wrestler suffer real injuries all the time, surely they could have come up with something not so severe that would still require some time off.  Just sayin'.

So Impact is live tonight.  I still won't watch, mostly because I record Jersey Shore.  I will tune in for a little bit though.  Curious to see how they build up to the rest of Sunday's big pay per view.

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  1. Forget the Jersey Shore. (Seriously. Forget it's on so it will go away) On Impact they're debuting The Shore, Cookie and Rob. A take off of Jersey Shore people. Meanwhile over on Raw, they're bringing back Tito Santana and teaming him up with Barry Darsow and calling them Chico and the (Repo) Man.