Thursday, September 30, 2010

What the Hell (in a Cell)?

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Since my predictions turned out so well for Night of Champions, I figured I'd give HIAC a shot too.  Let me start off by restating, the pic above is from  Although I was at this pay per view in person.  It was In Your House: Badd Blood 1997.  Undertaker's brother, Kane would debut at this event and help Shawn Michaels win this first ever Hell in a Cell match.

That being said, here's my look at the pay per view.  I'm not going to grumble and complain about the fact that it's too soon for another PPV.  No sir, I'm going to stick to making predictions. :D

Undertaker vs. Kane:  For some reason, I'm still not convinced that Taker will win this one.  I'm expecting a heel turn from Paul Bearer and he realign with his "son" after all these years.  Taker doesn't need the title to be over, the fans love him regardless.  I'd like to see Kane defend and move on to a new number one contender.  But right now, the Smackdown roster doesn't inspire me much in terms of the faces.  Rey and Big Show have both held the title and Christian (who'd be my pick) is on the shelf for 6 months.  Kofi Kingston is the next logical choice in my book.  That is if we're going traditional heel champ vs. face contender.  Otherwise you could throw Jack Swagger or CM Punk back into the mix.

Wade Barrett vs. John Cena: I see this one going in the favor of the Nexus.  It's too soon to split them up, but then again this is a company who has divided every set of tag team champions its had for the last couple of years (see my previous rant)  I say Cena joins the Nexus, and honors his commitment.  But it won't last long.  A rematch at Bragging Rights or Survivor Series will likely break his bond with the group.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus:  Orton wins this one.  He's over like nobody's business.  Plus, I see Triple H running some kind of interference on this one and attacking Sheamus to resume that feud.  I'd expect Orton to then move into a program with either Edge or the Miz.  Although I would like to see the Miz hold off on cashing in MITB.  Hope it doesn't happen at HIAC.

John Morrison vs. the Miz vs. Daniel Bryan: The Miz is red hot, but he's got to get out of this feud with Bryan and move on to the main event picture IMO.  I see Bryan winning this (especially with the submission stipulation) by forcing the Miz to tap.  Then Morrison can claim he never lost and continue the program with Bryan.  The Miz moves on to the main event picture. I like all three guys involved in this one and wouldn't be disappointed with anyone taking it.

So, it looks like that's it for now.  Only 4 matches announced 3 days before the PPV.  I don't read Smackdown! spoilers, so I don't know if they've added anything to the card.  Let's see how good my guesses are this time...

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  1. They added LayCool vs Nattie for the Divas title. And where's day 3 of the independents entry. Been waiting 2 days for it. Man, I need to get a life.