Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Booker

Reading over the results of Hell in a Cell, sounds like most of it went down the way I thought it would.  Don't believe me, then read Thursday's post.

For some reason I thought the Cena-Barrett match was also in the cell.  Not sure why I thought that.  Maybe because of the title of the PPV.  Hell in a Cell.  So there were only two matches inside the cell.  Okay.

Anyway, Cena is now a part of Nexus.  Apparently, so are Husky Harris and Mr. Not So Perfect Joe Hennig, I mean Michael McGillicutty.  Or that's who it's speculated as being the guys who helped Barrett secure the win.  So where does this angle go from here?  Will Cena attack other WWE Superstars and join in on the beatdowns?  He's already beaten most of the Nexus members on his own, so it can be assumed he'll be unstoppable against the rest of the WWE lockerroom.  Right?

I'm glad to see Daniel Bryan beat the Miz and Morrison.  But as I mentioned last week, I would have been happy with any of these guys winning.  I think this victory gives Bryan even more validation.  I would suspect since it wasn't Morrison who technically lost, the storyline continues between these two.  That should make for some good matches in the future too.  And by future I mean tonight on Raw.

Orton over Sheamus, no surprise.  Not even sure why that one was in the cell.  I mean, the Cena-Barrett one would have made more sense as to keep the outside interference down.  But I digress.

Kane beats the Undertaker with the assist from Paul Bearer.  Sorry, I saw this coming a mile down the road, as I'm sure most of you did.  Kind of a weird way to beat the 'Taker though.  Have him blinded by the light of his own urn.  Talk about a gimmick living it's life.  Think about it.  The Undertaker gimmick may be older than some of you reading this.

I think Natalya should have gone over on Michelle McCool.  I'm guessing we'll get some kind of rematch at Bragging Rights followed by a diva cluster at Survivor Series.

Swagger vs. Edge:  Huh?  Not sure what's going on there.  But again,  I missed Smackdown, so that one might have made more sense to me.

So, we're less than 3 weeks away from the next PPV.  What will we see at Bragging Rights?

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