Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raw Thoughts

I know I criticize the WWE a lot, but I really am a huge fan.  I've been a faithful fan for more than 25 years.  So when I make posts like this, I'm doing it out of love.  Really. 

If I were a teacher, I'd give last night's show a solid C+.  Here are the things I liked and disliked about it.

Let's start with the good things:

The Miz beats John Cena.  I don't care if there was outside interference.  All that matters is the Miz will lead the Raw team into Bragging Rights.  The Miz is definitely on the upswing right now and I see him going to new heights from here.

Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty as a team.  I like both these guys, but I still don't understand why neither of them use their father's last names.  They've acknowledged who they are, but whatever.  Hopefully they keep these two around.  I was a big fan of HH during NXT:2

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd.  These guys worked great together and John Morrison is improving every week.  Liked the way they finished that one.  A friend of mine questioned the use of Morrison's finisher as a finisher, but I was impressed.

Glad to see Santino get a win and added to the Raw team, but I'm not a fan of this love angle with Tamina.

Speaking of divas, the LayCool teasing other divas is getting old fast.  Here's to hoping Natalya beats them at Bragging Rights.

I guess we've transitioned to the bad now.

I love Daniel Bryan, but I'm growing sick of watching him get thrashed every week.  Sheamus tore him apart two weeks in a row.  What's the point of this?  Is there one?  Has Bryan picked up a win on Raw since winning the U.S. title from the Miz?  I hate how they make a champion look weak.

Orton taking out Justin Gabriel.  I didn't expect Gabriel to win, but I was hoping for a different ending.  And why didn't we see the Nexus?  Were they banned?  They might have been, I didn't catch the beginning of the match.  If not, it seems that sticking with the logic of the angle, at least someone should have been ringside.

RTruth and Eve.  Urgh.  Ted DiBiase should have won that match.  I don't like him always jobbing too.  This guy has talent, I hope they start using him better. I have a feeling after this Goldust angle, we'll get a little push for the Million $on.

I'm indifferent about CM Punk.  I think that's partly the E's fault though.  When he won the world title back in 2008, he was booked as a weak champion.  Mentioned it with Bryan, and I'll say it again.  If someone holds the belt, make them look strong.

I also don't like the speculation about where DH Smith was.  Was that supposed to be part of the eventually split of the Hart Dynasty?  I'm guessing so.  Again, really disappointed to see that happening.

Finally, Cena needs to just embrace this Nexus thing.  Stop coming out with your shirts and hats and banadanas.  He needs to be in a black Nexus shirt.  Then again, I don't know where this angle is headed, so maybe I should just shutup.

Overall though, the show was decent.  Cole's commentatory was annoying, but not as bad as it has been.  Then again, I did watch Raw on DVR, so I could zip through things.

I think I've hit everything.  Thanks for reading.  Please tell your friends.

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