Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spelling Counts


This is going to be a short and sweet post.  My job as a journalist has forced me to look closely at spelling, grammar, etc.  I know some of my posts sometimes have mistakes, so I'm not going to be overly critical of the photo above.
My friend Matt actually told me about it, and I found it on the website.  I'm sure you've all figured it out by now.  Therrrre Herrrre.  Okay, first off, there are way too many r's in each of the words.  But that's not my issue.  It's the world "there."  It should actually be "they're" you know, like they are here.  

I'm assuming this was created by a fan, but maybe it was Abyss.  After all, he's a monster and from what we know about Frankenstein and the other monsters, spelling isn't one of their (spelled right) strong points.

So while I find this humorous, I also enjoy the fact the TNA decided to use the photo on the front page of their website.  

Okay, that's it.  Sorry nothing real earth shattering there.  If you have suggestions for posts you'd like to read about, let me know.


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