Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He's Golden, Baby

Goldust at a house show in Cape Girardeau in 1996
In the mid to late 1990's Goldust was one of my favorite characters in the ring.  He was definitely ahead of his time.  His debut in late 1995 was well before the Attitude Era.  This was a time when the WWF was still in that PG, sugar sweet era.  We had the New Rockers, the Godwins, and "Spark Plug" Bob Holly gracing the squared circle.  Goldust and his androgynous behavior was something the fed hadn't seen before.  He was more over the top than predecessors like Gorgeous George and "Adorable" Adrian Adonis.

His buildup to the match with Razor Ramon was classic, with Goldust playing the ultimate mind games with the man "oozing machismo."  It did exactly what it was intended to do.  Put Goldust over as (one of) the company's top heels.  Fans hated him.  Homophobia was running wild.  Goldie finally won the Intercontinental championship.  His run though was lackluster.  Lots of disqualification losses.  The title was held up once after a match with Savio Vega.  Goldie won it again by pinning Vega.  I don't remember all the circumstances behind that one though.

It was a few months later the mind games continued, this time with Ahmed Johnson.  But the tricks didn't work, as Ahmed was victorious and ended the reign.  At least for a few years.  Goldust would eventually turn babyface and feud with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna.  

Then by late 1997, Goldust would split with his valet Marlena and acquire the services of Luna Vachon.   
Vachon and Goldust were a match made in hell.  They were bizarre to say the least.  He even dropped the golden look and at one point I remember him with a gag ball as part of his getup.  In 1999, he'd go back to the golden makeup and hair and won the IC title for the third time by beating the Road Dogg.  A couple of weeks later he dropped it to the Godfather.

Goldust would come and go from the WWF(E) for the next several years.  He's been brought in most recently to put the younger guys over.  I believe his program with Sheamus last year really helped make Sheamus the star he is today.

Now, Goldust is back in a storyline, which I love.  He was revealed last night as the "stalker" of Ted DiBiase and Maryse.  I think this program can really work, and ultimately my guess is that DiBiase will get the upperhand.  But still, it's good to see Goldust on TV.  

You and I'll remember of the name of Ssss.... Goldust!

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