Thursday, October 14, 2010

The "Reality" Wrestling

Me & the Miz
I think few could argue the Miz has been the most successful "reality" star to cross over into the world of professional wrestling.  He's been a tag team champion, a two time U.S. champion, and is on the verge of becoming WWE champion.  It's just a matter of time.  Those who don't know, the Miz got his start originally on MTV's "The Real World."

Survivor star Jenna Morasca had a lackluster run in TNA last year.  I think she wrestled a handful of matches before being released by the company.  I don't know if an official reason was ever given for it.

Then there's Johnny Fairplay from Survivor.  He too had a run with TNA.  He's also done some work with Ring of Honor.  He has the personalty to pull off the role of a heel manager, but it seems like the big companies have phased that role out.

Courtesy: WFX
 The newest "reality star" to get a deal is Jessie from Big Brother.  TNA has apparently offered Jessie Godderz a contract.  He's already been in the ring as you can see.  The competitive bodybuilder turned reality star turned wrestler goes by the name Mr. PEC-Tacular.  I guess if I looked like him, I'd also call myself that.

Mr. Pec (I'll call him that to save time) has been wrestling for WFX.  I've never seen him in the ring or any WFX action before.  You can see in the picture, he's got former WWE superstar Eugene in quite a pickle though.

While he's got the "look", I don't know how he is in the ring.  But that doesn't always seem to matter.  David Otunga, I'm looking at you.  Who is, by the way, another reality star turned wrestler.  I do think he has potential.  He does pretty well on the mic, he just need to hone his in ring skills.

TNA also brought in reality vixen JWoww from Jersey Shore to confront the fed's rip off, I mean imitation of the show.  That confrontation airs tonight on Spike TV.  From what I've read though, this was a one shot deal.  It makes sense for WWE and TNA to use celebrities to give business a boost.  Or what they perceive to be a boost.  Will fans of the Jersey Shore who don't watch wrestling tune in tonight?  I doubt it, but hey, it's entertaining for those of us who watch both.

I wonder if more wrestling hopefuls will turn to the world of reality TV as they try to get a shot at the WWE or TNA. 

So far though, none of them is as awesome as the Miz.  Just sayin'... 

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