Thursday, February 2, 2017

Snapping into accountability

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I've decided to continue on with my monthly fitness/wellness updates. I started doing these posts in January 2016 as a way to hold myself accountable. My hope was putting myself out there I would be more likely to reach my goals. It worked for the first half of the year and then I crashed and burned. I stopped hitting the gym (although I kept a run streak intact) and my healthier eating habits plunged.

In 2017 I decided I would indeed still try to "find my abs", but I'm not so wrapped up in the mission like before. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I joined an accountability club on Snapchat run by a trainer named Chad Williams (@AntrhoChad on Twitter). 

I got involved in the group because I don't have a schedule that allows me to have a workout buddy or running partner on a regular basis. I get off work at 10 a.m. when most of my friends are just starting their workday. With the Accountability Club, we snap the group when a workout or other goal is achieved. Sending that green checkmark is a highlight of my day and an accomplishment. I also love seeing others reach their daily goals.

Club members encourage each other before, during and after workouts. We also answer each others questions related to health, fitness or nutrition. Chad has done a great job keeping everyone connected and motivated. That motivation is contagious and uplifting snaps are sent throughout the day. I'm still running each day (today is day 277) and I've lost just over four pounds. 

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I will say I ate more fast food this past month than I normally eat. I submitted to White Castle, Taco John's, Lion's Choice and Taco Bell (damn that new naked chicken chalupa) in January. There's also my sweet tooth and Craft Beer Fridays. 

But I'm not giving up by any means. Here's to the Accountability Club and new success in February. At least until the Girl Scout Cookies come in...

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