Saturday, February 25, 2017

Beer, bots and biceps

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Earlier this week I posted a blog about the upcoming Southern Illinois Men's Expo. The event happened Saturday morning and was a huge success. We offered men around the region FREE health screenings, including blood draws for cholesterol, vision, dental, blood pressure and foot problems. 

Fire is good
Our panelists talked about the importance of nutrition and exercise and answered questions for the men in attendance. Physicians were on hand for one-on-one talks with men on a variety of topics. We learned about the benefits of drinking beer in moderation and how to home brew. Southern Illinois Miners COO and manager Mike Pinto heated things up with this talk "Taking Charge of Your Health." Yes, a handful of participants ate fire!

Crown Brew Coffee Co.
I can't thank our vendors, exhibitors, screeners, volunteers and sponsors enough. Our professional staff (Lisa and Ariella) did an amazing job throughout the process. I know I've probably forgotten someone and that's I'm not specifically naming names (besides Lisa and Ariella). 

Found my abs
They were at JFortune Photography
I am drained but in a good way. This expo/conference has been a labor of love for me since 2008 when the first committee came together and decided it was time to help make men more aware of their own health. Now as president of the Women for Health and Wellness board, we are moving forward. Look the for SI Women's Health Conference in September and big changes in 2018. Join our mission to make health and wellness a priority for EVERYONE in southern Illinois. 

Double trouble
Oh, I guess I should address the suits too. My buddy Tom Harness (Harness Digital Marketing) has a collection of OppoSuits. We decided a while back to get the Star Wars suits and use them to brand ourselves when we do events together. It was a bonus that an R2 was there from the St. Louis R2 Builders Club

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