Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blood, sweat but no tears

Green check, red blood
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283 days ago I embarked on a running streak. So each day since May 1, 2016, I have run at least one mile. Today I set out to run for no fewer than 30 minutes, which usually ends up being right around four miles. But about a half mile into the run, I experienced something I never have been.

I was running through a field and trying to maximize the distance by hitting the perimeter as much as possible. There were trees nearby with branches hanging down. I misjudged the distance between my face and the branch and ran right into it. (Note, my phone was tucked away in my armband at the time). The impact hurt of course, but I quickly realized the real source of the pain was the thorns that were now embedded into my cheek. 

I could feel blood coming down my face, but my first instinct was to pull out my phone and Snapchat my accountability group. I pressed forward, pulling out the thorns as best I could. I wrapped up the four miles with the blood stain still in effect to make myself look like a bad ass. I got home and finished plucking the rogue remnants of the branch.

Running in the snow last year
In the past, I've run in all types of weather; heat, rain and snow. I've been chased by dogs and even stopped dead in my tracks by a coyote on the trail. But this is the first time a thorny tree branch impacted my workout. What encounters have you had while running?

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