Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Former WrestleMania guest to perform in southern Illinois

Ozzy & Capt. Lou Albano
Courtesy: WWE
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Earlier today (Feb. 15, 2017) I had the pleasure of being on hand for the announcement of a huge concert here in southern Illinois. Ozzy Osbourne will be performing at Walker's Bluff's MoonStock 2017 on Aug. 21. It's part of a HUGE celebration for the total solar eclipse. For those of you not from southern Illinois, this area will be one of the best spots in the country to view the eclipse this summer.

The official announcement
Courtesy: Ashley Smith
Walker's Bluff is a winery that is celebrating with a four-day festival. Ozzy is the main event if you will. After breaking the news on News 3 This Morning on WSIL, there have been hundreds of shares of the story and thousands of people have seen the post. Ozzy is a legend and people here wanna see him perform.

Growing up, I was well aware of Ozzy. My uncle had plenty of Black Sabbath albums. My younger brother was a superfan and attended an Ozzy Osbourne concert in the late 80s. However, I never became obsessed with his music. I liked hits like Mama I'm Coming Home, Crazy Train along with Randy Rhoads and his duet with Lita Ford, Close My Eyes Forever. I know hardcore Ozzy fans are probably screaming at the screen right now.

The British Bulldogs, Capt. Lou & Ozzy
Courtesy: WWE
Here's something else I know and love about Ozzy. He was a guest at WrestleMania II. The Prince of Darkness donned a pink suit (maybe it was salmon) and was the guest cornerman for my favorite tag team The British Bulldogs. Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid were managed by Capt. Lou Albano, but with Ozzy in their corner they ended up capturing the WWF Tag Team Titles from Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine. I don't know the reason, other than they wanted celebrities there and both Ozzy and the Bulldogs are from England.

DX & Ozzy
Courtesy: WWE
Ozzy and his family became household names years later with their reality show. In 2007 he performed on Friday Night SmackDown. And two years later, he and wife, Sharon were guest General Managers of Monday Night Raw. Ozzy is a wrestling fan and that gets points with me. 

But I digress... If you want to learn more about MoonStock, Ozzy's performance and the special Solar Red wine to commemorate the event, click here.

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