Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stormcloud Brewing is a bright spot in northern Michigan

Ready for a flight

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As our trip to northern Michigan continues, we decided to take a break from the skiing for the day and explore the area around us. We found a brochure for a brewery about 20 miles away called Stormcloud Brewing Company. It's located in Frankfort and literally right off Lake Michigan.

A little breezy
Our sons opted to not take the trip with us, so my wife, daughter and I drove the main street in town (which is called Main Street) and checked out a variety of mom and pop shops and restaurants. We were in awe as the winter wind whipped across the lake, which was crowded with giant chunks of ice. We even saw a man walking across the lake. 

Toes in the sand... kinda
We decided to get out and take some pics and dig our toes in the sand, much like our friends are doing this week in Florida. Our photos are much different as the wind blew the sand into our mouths and eyes. The air temp was 28 degrees, but I'd guess with the windchill it had to be about 10 degrees colder. 

Finally, it was time for Stormcloud to open and lunch would soon warm us up. My daughter and I each had the BLT, which goes beyond bacon, lettuce and tomato. They add avocado and chipotle aioli on a rustic white roll. My wife had the tomato soup which was the best I've ever had. 

Gerald's Talking Dog
I coupled my meal with a flight of four local brewed beers. The flagship Rainmaker Ale made my list. I also had Birdwalker Blonde, 'Tis the Saison and the one that really had my interest Gerald's Talking Dog. I had read about this beer before we arrived and wanted it to be the centerpiece of an upcoming episode of The Craftbeericans. That review will be posted on the channel soon. Spoiler alert, I liked it. We wrapped up the meal and beer drinking with a stout beer brownie.

If you're ever in northwestern Michigan, I highly recommend Stormcloud Brewing Company. The food, beer and service were all top notch. And there are 11 other beers to try. 

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