Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Heath Hatton will need the Force this Saturday night

Heath Hatton meets Luke Skywalker

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Stride Pro Wrestling returns to the CMA Dojo inside the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion this Saturday. The show is one week before the release of Rouge One: A Star Wars Story and that's the theme for the night. And in the main event, new Stride Heavyweight Champion Heath Hatton defends the title against three top contenders.

Guess what's on their Christmas wish list?
Former champ Ax Allwardt, "Big" Roger Matheus and Chris Hargas are all part of this fatal four way for the title. Hatton is at a disadvantage for a number of reasons and could use the Force on his side. For starters, this contest is winner takes all. So technically speaking, Hatton can lose his title without actually being pinned or made to submit. The champion is always at a disadvantage in these types of matches.

Secondly, Matheus, Hargas and Allwardt are all bigger than Hatton. While bigger doesn't always mean better, it certainly needs to be a consideration. Plus all three challengers are extremely hungry. Ax is bitter and wants revenge after losing the gold last month. Hargas is a rising star on the indy scene and wants gold. And Matheus is one of the meanest, toughest guys I've seen step into the ring. I do not envy Hatton at all.

Hatton the Jedi
But Hatton is no stranger to overcoming the odds. I've watched him in the ring against some of the best, including Adam Pearce, Christian Rose and Matt Cage. He's also got big market experience, having wrestled for OVW and WWE in his short career. Hatton worked hard to get to where he is today and don't look for him to let his three opponents pick up the win.

Allwardt will have J. Wellington Beauregard in his corner. The Midwest Mafia is watching Roger Matheus' back. Hopefully, Hatton has talked with Luke Skywalker and can use the Force to pick up what would be his first win as Stride Pro Wrestling champion. We'll see you Saturday night at 6:30.

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