Friday, December 9, 2016

Two Stride wrestlers attacked, changes coming Saturday

Hargas leaving the gym
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Some late-breaking news out of the Stride Pro Wrestling front office. General manager Sam Hunter texted me earlier today and asked me to cover what has happened. Two of Stride Pro Wrestling's best and brightest performers have been attacked in two separate incidents and will not be in action Saturday night at Hostile Holiday.

The attacker
Chris Hargas was set to be a part of the main event fatal four way Stride Pro Wrestling championship match. Earlier this week I wrote about that, Heath Hatton defends against Ax Allwardt and Roger Matheus as well. Hargas was jumped by a man in a hood Thursday night leaving the gym. We have a few surveillance photos posted on the Stride Pro Wrestling Facebook page. It's hard to tell, but the arrow is pointing at the suspect. We're told Chris' injuries are not career threatening, but he has been pulled from the match per doctor's orders.

Jay Spade in action
Jay Spade was also attacked in a separate incident. Spade and Joey O'Riley are the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions and have been feuding with The Midwest Mafia, Jake Capone and Red Daniels. We're still getting updates on Spade's condition, but it appears he will not be a part of the Hostile Holiday event either. 

Now for my 1-2-3 cents on these situations. I have no idea who is behind the attacks. But looking at the big picture, who has more to gain from Hargas and Spade being out of action? Members of Midwest Mafia, which also include Matheus now as well as Damage Inc. I'm not blaming any of the men involved in those factions, but it's very convenient that this has happened less than 48 hours before the big event. 

My thoughts are with Hargas and Spade as they recover. GM Hunter will address the situation Saturday night at the CMA Dojo at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. Bell time is 6:30. If there are any new updates, I'll be sure to let you all know. Hope to see you Saturday.

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