Saturday, December 17, 2016

Road Block preview

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WWE is closing out the year with one more Raw “pay-per-view” event. Road Block: End of the Line features several championship matches and brewing rivalries. The show also makes the bold promise to be the “end of the line” for women’s competitors Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair.

That’s the match I’m going to talk most about. I’m guessing this Ironman (woman) match will close the show. Like most fans, I’ve enjoyed the matches these two women have put on over their time on the main roster and while they were both in NXT. But at the same time, I agree it’s time for both women to move on to new opponents. Years ago two wrestlers could get away with feuding for more than a year because there wasn’t so much TV time to fill.

Charlotte needs the win here. Her undefeated singles streak on PPV can’t be broken on a smaller show. Also, when Charlotte does finally lose it needs to be against someone who hasn’t already beaten her. The smart money is on Bayley, however, I’d rather it be Nia Jax. If it doesn’t happen at WrestleMania, I’d wait until SummerSlam for this to happen.

Kevin Owens will come out of the match against Roman Reigns as Universal Champion, however, I don’t think he’ll beat the U.S. Champion. A disqualification or count out are more likely results to this match.

Seth Rollins will beat Chris Jericho. Jericho really doesn’t need the win. He’d still be strong for the much-anticipated championship match against Owens.

The New Day should hold on to the tag team championships, but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheamus and Cesaro finally win the gold (or copper). I’d hate for the new record breaking champs lose the titles in such quick fashion, but it’s a huge possibility now. Other than Big Cass and Enzo, Sheamus and Cesaro are my next picks for tag team champions.

Sami Zayn will survive his 10 minutes against Braun Strowman. But then what happens next for both men? WWE hasn’t seemed to have much of a plan for the big man lately.  

I want to be a fan of the Cruiserweight Division, but I’m not sold on it yet. Rich Swann should retain the title, I see no reason to pass it off again, but like I said before nothing would surprise me.

Enzo will cause Big Cass to get disqualified in the kick-off match against Rusev. It keeps all parties involved looking strong and further advances the issues between Enzo and Rusev.

Despite a number of rematches as a part of this show, it should be a great event with the crowning of at least one new champion. Long live Charlotte!

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