Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boo: The Yeti

The Yeti
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

I can't believe I'm dedicating a whole Boo Blog to the Yeti, but I'm on the road and this will be short and sweet.  That way it'll match the career of this odd ball gimmick.

It was WCW, mid 1990's and the company was gearing up for the Monday Night Wars with Vince McMahon and WWF.  Hulk Hogan was still the dominate baby face in WCW, and Kevin Sullivan was waging a battle with the icon.  Sullivan and the Master had  a group of misfits, known as the Dungeon of Doom, hellbent on destroying Hulkamania.  The group included a laundry list of ex-WWF Superstars like the Shark (Earthquake), the Zodiac (Brutus Beefcake), and Kamala.

Yeti love
One night on Nitro as Hogan was being attacked by the Dungeon and in the clutches of the Giant.  Then all of a sudden a 7 foot tall creature wrapped in what appeared to be soiled toilet paper staggered to the ring.  It was Ron Reis in the costume and the announcers referred to him as the Yeti.

What a Yeti looks like
For those who know their folklore, know that the Yeti is actually the Abominable Snowman, covered in fur.  Instead, Reis looked more like a mummy.  He and the Giant humped Hogan that night in the middle of the ring, in the most comfortable situation to air on Nitro.  (I'm probably exaggerating, but it was pretty bad)

I really can't remember whether he actually wrestled or how long the gimmick lasted.  If it was really just that one night, kudos to him and WCW, because I'm still talking about it nearly 20 years later.