Monday, October 7, 2013

Boo: Disney Magic

The Hunsperger's invade Disney World
By Kevin Hunsperger
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If you've never been to Disney World before, I would highly recommend the trip.  Aside from the times I went as a kid, my wife and I honeymooned there and we've been back twice with our kids.  We're planning a return trip in 2014.

When we last visited "the Most Magical Place in the World" it was October 2010.  The weather was perfect, as it didn't rain one time while we there.  We also got to take part in the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  If you have young children this is definitely well worth the extra cost of the ticket.  The Magic Kingdom gets transformed into a family friendly haunted house and the park stays open later than usual.  There are places to trick or treat with plenty of delicious candy and other goodies.

The Little Mermaid got tired
The park encourages families to dress up for the night.  Of course, the Hunsperger's were ready to do just that.  Since there were eight of us going (my mom and dad, my niece, my wife, and our three kids), we decided to partner up and do Disney duos.  My daughter, who was five at the time, was obsessed with the Little Mermaid.  So she was Ariel and I invested in one of those fake muscle suits, a long white beard, and a can of white spray paint and became King Triton.  My wife was Jessie from Toy Story, complete with a costume that my mom made for her.  Her partner was our middle child, who went as Slinky Dog.  Our oldest son, became Pinnochio (again in another homemade costume by my mom) and my dad was Gepetto.  Finally, my mom was the evil witch and my niece was Snow White. I think we looked pretty darn good.

It was fun running around the park in costume and seeing everyone else dressed up too.  Even the costumed characters are in costume.  It just adds to the already magical atmosphere the folks at Disney create.  But of course you don't have to be at Disney World in October to enjoy a taste of Halloween...

Inside Tower of Terror
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There are several rides that can give you a nice scare.  I remember the first time I rode the Haunted Mansion ride and freaking out as a five year old when I saw a ghost riding along with us toward the end of the ride.  I think it spooked all the kids the first time they saw that too.   Then there's the Tower of Terror.  This is one of those rides that the anticipation is much worse than the actual ride.  You know you're going to plunge, but it's that long wait before it actually happens.  Our daughter freaked out after it was all over.  And like a good father, I caught her reaction on video.  Click the link below and enjoy.

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