Monday, October 1, 2012

Boo: Bull in the China Shop

Bull Bronson in action against Justice
AAPW Summer Chaos
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By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

It's October again, and I hope to repeat my 31 days of Halloween themed wrestling blogs again this year.  The goal is to do it without duplicating stories from last year.  In case you didn't see last year's works, we covered different gimmicks, matches, and pay per views with a Halloween theme.  Some were the silly costumes, some were the pure evil characters.

I'm kicking off this year's with one of the best big men on the indie scene: Bull Bronson.  He's wrestled around the region as Myzery, but about a year ago he joined the ranks of All American Pro Wrestling with a new name, but the same nasty attitude.  With his shaved head and various piercings and tattoos, Bull Bronson is one of those guys who would give Freddie Kruger or Jason Voorhees nightmares.

Bull Bronson vs. Farmer Billy Hills
AAPW Collision
He's a big dude who reminds me of the man he shares a surname with, Charles Bronson.  Like the famous actor, Bull is a legit tough guy who I wouldn't want to cross.  Right now, he's undefeated in AAPW, taking out big opponents like Farmer Billy Hills, Chocolate Thunder, and Justice. But his streak will be put to the test on October 20 when he faces the 470 pound Mississippi Madman.  There aren't many guys on the roster who make the 375 pound Bull look small, but Madman comes pretty close.

Outside of AAPW, Bull has enjoyed much success too.  He is the current NWA Mid-South heavyweight champion, and he's wrestled at the Gathering of the Juggalos.  That takes guts in my opinion.   I would suspect that he will continue to dominate the roster of AAPW and continue to run over the competition like a bull in a china shop.  Simply stated, if I ever needed a body guard or someone to watch my back, I'd definitely give the big man with the bad attitude a call.

To learn more about Bull Bronson, head over to his newly created website.  Just click this link.

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