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Boo: Heart Breakers

Luna & the Blackhearts
By Kevin Hunsperger
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In the early 1990's a tag team by the name of the Blackhearts was taking over the Stampede area.  The wrestler we all know now as Gangrel sported a mask and wrestled as Destruction.  His partner, Tom Nash was known as Apocalypse.  They were managed by Luna Vachon.

The original idea behind the gimmick was the masked twosome were the illegitimate sons of Stampede founder and promoter Stu Hart, hence the Black Hearts moniker.  (At least I read this part somewhere online, so take that with a grain of salt)  The trio eventually left Stampede and wrestled in a handful of other organizations, including the reincarnated UWF.   I never saw them on TV, but remember seeing pictures and reading about them in the Apter magazines.  I found all three of them to be beyond bizarre, which makes them a perfect fit for this series of blogs.

Luna leads the Blackhearts
UWF on EPSN Classics
They wore white masks on the outside of their regular masks when they headed to the ring.  But the black masks they wore in the ring wasn't your traditional mask.  It was a plain black one with no eye, nose, or mouth holes.  Luna not only managed the team, but would get involved in their matches and helping beat up opponents.  She also carried a snake to the ring, at least during the UWF days.

Luna and Nash were married at the time, but eventually split up.  Of course that lead to the end of the tag team, and Luna ended up marrying Gangrel (David Heath).  Ironically (or maybe not) they tied the knot on Halloween 1994.  He became the Vampire Warrior in USWA and eventually Gangrel in the WWE, leading Christian and Edge in the Brood.

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