Monday, October 8, 2012

Boo: Hell's Angel

The Great Cheyenne
AAPW Summer Chaos
Photo by Jason Wilkey Photography
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Women's wrestling is alive and well in All American Pro Wrestling, thanks to one of the indie's top female stars, the Great Cheyenne.  She calls herself a native of Hell and raises a lot of it when she's in the ring.  Cheyenne is one of the toughest wrestlers I've seen step into the ring, and that's among the men and women.

She's a brutal, hard hitting wrestler who takes no prisoners.  Even though Cheyenne is new to the AAPW roster, she is no rookie.  This great one has been all over the world wrestling for more than a decade now.  The Great Cheyenne has won gold and the hearts of fans everywhere she goes.

In AAPW, Cheyenne is experiencing the cheers of the crowd.  When she first arrived earlier in 2012, fans weren't sure what to think of her.  But I think people connect with her and that great spirit she brings to the ring.  At the most recent show she was on, Cheyenne destroyed Rebecca Raze.  She made light work of Serenity as Summer Chaos as well.  I anticipate she'll continue to dominate the competition in AAPW, as few have wanted to mess with her.

Cheyenne vs. Serenity
AAPW Summer Chaos
Photo by Jason Wilkey
Cheyenne's promos are just as intense as her wrestling.  She gets so into the message she's delivering, it's down right scary.  You can tell watching and listening to her that the Great Cheyenne loves this business.

No doubt Cheyenne's future continues to look bright.  I would love to see her continue to be tested by the best women's wrestlers on the indie scene.  I believe she will continue to dominate as she has been.  I also like her spirit inside the ring and out.  She truly gives it her all every single time, and despite that vicious exterior, I'm certain she has a really big heart and gives back to those in need.  Click the video below to catch Cheyenne in action on AAPW Collision.

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