Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boo: What the Truck?!?

Monster Truck Sumo Match
Halloween Havoc '95
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Let's face it, through the years, wrestling as a whole has probably had more misses than hits.  But when the hits are good, they're awesome.  When they stink, they're probably a WCW idea.  I'm kidding, the WWF/WWE has had its fair share of goose eggs too.  But for this blog, I'm picking on WCW's Sumo Monster Truck match at Halloween Havoc 1995.

Hulk Hogan was the WCW world heavyweight champion and was flirting with the dark side.  He had abandoned the yellow and red and was sporting a black bandanna and tights.  He was challenged in this "match" by The Giant.  The two monster trucks in the challenge were welded together to add to the suspense of it all.

Timber! The Giant falls
I never been one for NASCAR, Monster Trucks, or any other competition of the sort, so to me this was quite a poor and a time waster.  Giant drove the Dungeon of Doom's "Monster", while Hogan drove a yellow truck that sported his trademark "pythons" on either side.  Hogan eventually forced the Giant and his truck out of the circle, but the future Big Show sought revenge against the champion.  The two fought on the roof for a couple of minutes before the Giant tumbled over the side.  Hogan tried to save the fallen monster, even running for help.  The reaction of the commentary team was priceless, with Bobby Heenan (I think he said it), "What do we do now?" Eric Bischoff of course over sold the whole thing, which made me cringe.  In all honesty, it was Heenan's wit during the entire showdown that even made this watchable for me.

Hogan vs. Giant
Giant wins by DQ
This of course is where you have to suspend reality.  Had the Giant really fallen off the roof, would the show have continued?  Keep in mind this is pre-Owen Hart, and a different company, so there's no telling what would have actually happened.  But perhaps the silliest part of the night came when the Giant actually made it to the ring to wrestle and defeat Hogan (by disqualification) in the main event.  Hogan's manager Jimmy Hart turned heel, hitting both the referee and Hogan with the championship belt.  Blah.

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  1. On a side note, the game Monster Truck Madness for the N64 featured those same two trucks, except the Hogan truck was sported black and had the world title in front of the grill. There was even a truck in the likeness of Sting in the game as well, just thought it was cool to share.