Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wrestlemania: The Undertaker

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (WWE)
By Chad Smart
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Next stop on the Wrestlemania career ride is the man who probably has the most Wrestlemania appearances. I will verify or correct that stat in a later blog as we get closer to Wrestlemania 28. While Shawn Michaels may be called “Mr. Wrestlemania,” because of his show stealing matches, another man’s legacy at Wrestlemania really makes him “Mr. Wrestlemania.” That man is, The Undertaker.

Undertaker has competed in 19 Wrestlemanias to date and has his 20th appearance set for Wrestlemania 28 in Miami. Due to the number of matches, I’m not going to give thoughts of any depth on Undertaker’s past matches. Here is a list of his opponents though.

Wrestlemania 7 - The Undertaker defeated Jimmy Snuka.
Wrestlemania 8 - The Undertaker defeated Jake Roberts.
Wrestlemania 9 - The Undertaker defeated Giant Gonzalez.
Wrestlemania 11 - The Undertaker defeated King Kong Bundy.
Wrestlemania 12 - The Undertaker defeated Diesel.
Wrestlemania 13 - The Undertaker defeated Sycho Sid.
Wrestlemania 14 - The Undertaker defeated Kane.
Wrestlemania 15 - The Undertaker defeated The Big Boss Man.
Wrestlemania 17 - The Undertaker defeated Triple H.
Wrestlemania 18 - The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair.
Wrestlemania 19 - The Undertaker defeated The Big Show and A-Train.
Wrestlemania 20 - The Undertaker defeated Kane.
Wrestlemania 21 - The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton.
Wrestlemania 22 - The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry.
Wrestlemania 23 - The Undertaker defeated Batista.
Wrestlemania 24 - The Undertaker defeated Edge.
Wrestlemania 25 -The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels.
Wrestlemania 26 - The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels.
Wrestlemania 27 - The undertaker defeated Triple H

In 21 years, Undertaker has only missed two Wrestlemania events. This year will also mark Undertaker’s 12th consecutive Wrestlemania, which ties him with Bret Hart for the longest streak of Wrestlemania appearances. Will Undertaker make it 13 next year?

After Wrestlemania 27 (WWE)
For the 2nd time in Wrestlemania history, Undertaker will be stepping inside “Satan’s Playground,” Hell In The Cell to do battle with an opponent he’s already beaten twice on the grandest stage, Triple H. Last time Undertaker fought in a Hell In The Cell at Wrestlemania, it was against the Big Boss Man in a match that is often considered one of the worst Wrestlemania matches. Here’s to hoping this year’s match is better. Or at least it doesn’t end with Undertaker hanging Triple H from the top of the cage.
Will this be the swan song for the Dead Man? Undertaker has not wrestled since Wrestlemania 27. After what should be a grueling battle, will Undertaker go back on the sidelines and rest up for Wrestlemania 29? Or should he be victorious will a 20 and zero record at Wrestlemania be good enough for the “Last Outlaw” to call it a career?

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