Friday, August 25, 2017

Foreign Object Friday: The Undertaker's urn

The power of the urn
Courtesy: WWE

Kevin Hunsperger

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The Undertaker's urn has been used as not just a source of power for the Dead Man through the years, but also as a way to gain the advantage in some matches. Perhaps the most infamous moment the urn came in to play was at SummerSlam 1996 when Paul Bearer used the container and smashed his man in the head with it. It was a turning point in the character development for both men as Paul Bearer made it clear he no longer wanted to be affiliated with the Undertaker.

Courtesy: WWE
When the Undertaker and Paul Bearer came on the scene so many years ago, I had little hope for the gimmick. I figured the duo would be another set of characters in Vince McMahon's parade of cartoonish gimmicks. Undertaker in my mind was going to be a short term mid-card performer at best. It's a true testament to the men behind both gimmicks to keep it alive and relevant for as long as they did.

Kane attacks
Courtesy: WWE
Back to the urn, though, the other significant time that comes to mind is when Kane used the urn to win the World Championship at Hell in a Cell 2010. The giant urn flashed a bright light in the eyes of the Undertaker and he cost him the title. 

I know there are plenty of other instances when the urn came in to play to support the Undertaker through the years. And who knows, maybe there's one more chance for the urn to return. Never say never.

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