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BANKRUPT: Baron Corbin's MITB cash-in is a bust

The cash-in
Courtesy: WWE

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The odds were in Baron Corbin's favor. Of the 17 men who have won the Money in the Bank ladder match, 13 have successfully cashed-in and won the heavyweight championship. Corbin failed to do that with his cash-in against Jinder Mahal and joins the ranks for John Cena, Mr. Kennedy and Damien Sandow. I put Kennedy in that company because he lost the briefcase to Edge, but I digress...

Cena gets whacked
Courtesy: WWE
Regular readers of this blog and listeners to the My 1-2-3 Cents podcast know I'm no fan of Corbin. My blog before MITB this year was titled: My Pick for MITB is ABC (Anyone But Corbin). But I never expected him to fail in his attempt to cash-in. I also believed he would wait until Nakamura beat Jinder at SummerSlam and then win the title himself.

Courtesy: WWE
It's strange to me that the company was seemingly so high on Corbin since calling him up to the main roster. He won the Andre the Giant Memorial in his debut and then picked up MITB. It appeared they were grooming him for a top dog status. I didn't agree with it, but I had come to accept it. I wonder what happened. My first instinct is he must have pissed someone off backstage. Not just because he lost the opportunity but how quickly and cleanly he lost it. 

Some fans online have said it was too early for Corbin to win the gold. I agree with that assessment, but let's face it, the contract is valid for a year, so he still had 10 months. That's a lifetime in this business. Working with Cena at SummerSlam and adding some opponents like AJ Styles and Randy Orton would certainly have put him in a better position by the spring. But obviously, there wasn't a plan in place for that to happen.

The agony of defeat
Courtesy: WWE
Even though the character hasn't grown on me, I'm sympathetic to the fact that the guy has missed out on a golden opportunity. In my 1-2-3 cents, there is always a chance to grow and develop and turn me into a believer. Now I'm curious to see what happens with him and Cena Sunday at SummerSlam.

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