Friday, August 4, 2017

Foreign Object Friday: Dexter Roswell's tie

Dexter Roswell in the house
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
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Since making his debut in Stride Pro Wrestling in December, Dexter Roswell has wrestled every match in dress pants, a dress shirt and tie. It's reminiscent of IRS in the early 90s in WWF. While Roswell and his fellow DR Party members have used some dirty tactics in the past (ie. the campaign sign), I'd never seen Roswell use his tie as a weapon.

Choking out Cash Borden
That all changed at the most recent Stride show. During his match against Cash Borden, Roswell wrapped his tie around the neck of the Undead Outlaw. Referee Lane Austin was distracted by Roswell's new manager, J. Wellington Beauregard at the time so that perhaps explains these new actions. I'm also assuming J. Wells and his other charges, Ax Allwardt and Scott Phoenix encouraged these actions prior to the match.

While I don't condone the breaking of the rules, I have wondered for seven months when the man who wants to make Stride great again would use his ties as a weapon. Now I have to wonder if General Manager Sam Hunter will enforce a dress code for wrestlers to ensure no one is seriously injured by an opponent's wardrobe. 

Roswell in control
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Will the tie come into play Saturday night? Roswell leads his supporters Nathan Brag and Brian Richards into battle against T-Dog Jerry Travelstead, Eugene Drip and Jose Magnifico. The action starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. 

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