Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wrestling Name Game

WWE Superstars & Divas

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter
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I'm not going to take credit for this little experiment.  I saw it on Facebook a while back and thought I'd try it with my non-wrestling fan friends.  I gave them the picture you see above with 26 WWE Superstars and Divas and asked non-fans to identify each one.  If they didn't know the wrestler's name, I asked them to make one up based on the appearance.  The results are pretty fun.  (No surprises the Rock and Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE, were the two most recognized.)

Oh by the way here are the right answers:

1.  Adam Rose                 14.  Naomi 
2.  Stardust                      15.  Roman Reigns
3.  Big E                            16.  Brock Lesnar
4.  The Rock                    17.  Randy Orton
5.  Seth Rollins               18.  Dean Ambrose
6.  Damien Mizdow       19.  Fernando (from Los Matadors)
7.  Paige                            20. Nikki Bella
8.  Daniel Bryan              21. Mark Henry
9.  Vince McMahon       22.  The Undertaker
10. Cesaro                        23.  The Big Show
11. Dolph Ziggler            24.  John Cena
12. Rusev                          25.  Bray Wyatt
13. Bad News Barrett     26. Jimmy Uso  

The pic again
1. Latin Lover 2. The Meteor 3. The Crusher 4. The Rock 5. The Executioner 6. Borat 7. Dominatrix 8. Unibomber 9. The Godfather 10. Raging Cue Ball  11. Slammin' Surfer 12. Siberian Husky 13. The Caped Crusader 14. Tiana 15. Genghis Khan 16. White Russian 17. Ex Con 18. Wife Beater 19. Eduardo Corrochio 20. Tomboy 21. Fat Shaquille 22. The Shredder 23. The Bouncer 24. Shortstop 25. Swamp Ass 26. Happy Phantom

1. Rico Suave 2. Gold Dust 3. Blue Guns 4. The Rock 5. Greasy 6. Abdul Hussain 7. Pixie 8. Daniel O'Bryan 9. Vince McMahon 10. Caesar 11. California Boy 12. Rusev 13. Byron 14. Cici 15. Roman Reins 16. Brock Lessner 17. Randy Orton 18. Billy the Kid 19. El Matador 20. one of the Bella Twins 21. Tough Enough 22. The Undertaker 23. The Big Show 24. John Cena 25. Bray White 26. One of the Uso Brothers

1. I'm A Cool Dude 2. Star Thrower 3. Pecs of Steel 4. Tattoos Aplenty 5. Leather Lion 6. Fifty Shade 7. Purple Menace 8. The Savior 9. Donald Trump 10. Roaree 11. Big & Blonde 12. Stare Master 13. Ripper 14. Black Beauty 15. Roscoe 16. GI Joe II 17. Little Mike 18. Italian Delight 19. Zorro 20. Cher 21. Big, Bold & Black 22. Dark Force 23. Meat Packer 24. Hunky 25. Blues Brother 26. Ziggy

1. Ponytail Boy 2. Star Face 3. Muscles Malone 4. Baldy 5. Shiny Vest 6. Straightjacket 7. Hot Brunette 8. Can't Find My Razor 9. Vince McMahon 10. Watch Me Flex 11. Lex Lugar, Jr. 12. The Scowl 13. Count Dracula 14. Hot Nubian 15. Don't Mess with Me 16. I'll Deck Ya 17. Shawn Michaels Wannabe 18. Wife Beater 19. Douche 20. Hot Backwards Hat 21. Shaq 22. Spikey 23. The Giant 24. John Cena 25. Bam Bam Bigelow 26. Big John Stud

1. guy 2. guy 3. guy 4. the rock 5. highlights 6. sunglasses 7. violet 8. beardie 9. suit and tie 10. scream 11. thor 12. tough 13. cape man 14. toxic 15. vest 16. muscle man 17. tattoos 18. tanktop 19. luchadore 20. blue 21. security 22. death 23. how tough r ya 24. john cena 25. fedora 26. male kesha

1. chester 2. Dr Doom 3. the Rock 4. Tat 5. Nicky normal 6. Prof 7. Princess 8. Hercules 9. Out of place 10. Putin 11. Joe Football 12. Palace guard 13. Mandrake 14. Satin 15. Hair 16. Crewvut 17. Joe 18. Hey Stella 19. Matador 20. Mrs. Appeal 21. Black death 22. Obi Wan 23. Bluto 24. Marine 25. I coulda been somebody 26. Chief

1. Man Eater 2. Star 3. Brutus 4. Tooth Fairy 5. Joe 6. Achmed 7. Temptress 8. Duck Brawler 9. The Boss 10. Middle Child 11. Fabio 12. Sergio 13. Yoplait the Greek 14. Eva 15. Enforcer 16. Rocky 17. Fast & Furious 18. Fighting Irish 19. Orlando 20. Play Girl 21. Snack Shaq 22. Todd 23. Mongo 24. Pretty Boy 25. The Hustler 26. Banshee

1. Scorpion 2. Gold Man 3. Black Ice 4. The Rock 5. Trash Collector 6. Sheik 7. Kiesha 8. Michael 9. Vincent, 10. Screaming Jack, 11. Justice, 12. Rosenthal (took that off of his waistband) 13. Spartacus 14. Dash 15. Force 16. Andrew 17. Aiden 18. Rocket 19. Torro 20. Eva 21. Goliath 22. Grim Reaper 23. Jumbo 24. GI Joe 25. Beats 26. Peacock.

1. Snake Handler 2. SuperStar 3. Ice man 4. The Rock 5. The Creeper 6. Ali G, 7. Vixen 8. Mountain Man 9. Vince McMahon 10 RAHH Guy! 11. Slick Willy 12. The Russian 13. The Persian 14. Taxi Cab Kate 15. Sphinx, 16. Buster 17. Bad Boy Bill 18. The Southern Man 19. El Toro, 20. Jill 21. Bouncer Bob 22. The American Samurai 23. The Big Show 24. Captain Awesome 25. Bodega Bob 26. Billy Wallace


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