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Axxessing Wrestlemania Weekend

Wrestlemania 22
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Our first Wrestlemania adventure happened in 2006.  It was number 22 in Chicago.  At that point Axxess was basically a big tent set up outside the Allstate Arena with a variety of memorabilia from the past.  Hillbilly Jim hosted a brief event, but there wasn't much to it.  The event was free though.  I suppose you could argue for the fans with the package deals (like us) you had a meet and greet session with different Divas and Superstars.  But you had to have that special ticket for it.

From what I remember, the situation was the same at Wrestlemania 24.  Then at 25 in Houston we heard about Axxess.  We ventured to that venue early that Sunday to check it out prior to Mania, but it was sold out.  So when it came time to go to Wrestlemania 26, we bought our tickets early.  Before we even got to the event Friday night, we were contacted by WWE about taking part in a focus group.  It was a neat experience and we got tickets to come back to Axxess on Sunday because we had spent so much time with the group.

Axxess is fun, but because we've gone every year since 2010, a lot of the things remain the same.  I've read this year that they've add the Elimination Chamber cage to it.  That would be cool to see up close.  I'm hoping next year to see it as well as the newly unveiled Ultimate Warrior statue.  I decided since we can't be there this year, I'd share some of my favorite pics from years past, so take a look.

Vince's limo

The champ is here!

Money Inc. action figures

Undertaker's graveyard

Tiffany with Money Inc.

The Heenan Family in Vince's office

Beth Phoenix

Blassie & Wizard with Andre

Scanning the QR Code, really...

Vince & Jesse

So close

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat


Meeting the NXT gang

Sheik hates Hulk

Bruno Sammartino

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