Monday, October 27, 2014

Hell of a Show

Bray Wyatt is back
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By Chad Smart
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Sunday night, I attended WWE’s Hell in a Cell show. Going in to the show, I didn’t have high expectations. Talking before the show with a friend who works for WWE, we both commented that the repetitious matches kills fan interested. During the preshow match of Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas.... I mean, Bo Washington, I accidentally texted my friend instead of Kevin to BOlieve. His 
response: I BOlieve we’ve seen all of these matches enough times already. 

Ambrose vs. Rollins
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Even with lack of freshness to the show, overall I felt the show surpassed my expectations and was an overall decent show. Sure there are things I would have changed but there wasn’t anything I downright hated or was bored by on the show. Yet once again, I found myself the apparent Armond White of the Internet Wrestling Community. After I got back to my hotel, I went online and read people’s comments about the show. I was surprised at all the negative comments. 

Rusev wins!
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I do agree that having John Cena win his match to earn another shot at Brock Lesnar wasn’t needed. WWE really needs to find other workhorses instead of riding their current one until he’s broken down and then figure out who should take his place. I’ll contend that the I-C Title match, the US title match, the Tag Team title match and Big Show/Rusev didn’t move any stories along but they were still all entertaining and good matches. Personally, my biggest complaint was the Ambrose/Rollins match played out like a greatest hits version of previous HIAC matches and the ending was straight out of the WCW/TNA playbook. That doesn’t mean that match was necessarily bad though. 

Cena vs. Orton
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Maybe it’s because for once I just sat back and let myself be entertained without over thinking what has happened as to why it was happening. I was surprised Mark Henry didn’t turn on Big Show. I was mildly surprised at John Cena winning. Yes, I know Cena always wins but there was a part of me that figured Randy Orton would get a shot against Brock in Randy’s hometown of St. Louis next month at Survivor Series. I was surprised at Bray Wyatt interfering in the HIAC match and I’m curious as to his motives. 

The Three Stooges (as Chad calls them)
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One aspect that I think really helped me enjoy the show more than people watching at home was the lack of commentary. When you don’t have to endure the three stooges on commentary arguing, joking and not paying attention to what’s going on in the ring, it’s easier to keep focus on the action and enjoy it without getting annoyed. In fact, I’d recommend in the future to always keeping the mute button on during a WWE show. 

Miz TV
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Almost forgot to mention the best part of the show. Since I don’t watch RAW on a regular basis anymore, I had not fully seen Damien Mizdow do his shtick. Mizdow is awesome, as the crowd pointed out during the match between Miz and Sheamus. I hope WWE higher ups don’t see Mizdow as simply a replacement for wacky Santino Marella. Mizdow has the talent and skill to be a major player if given the chance. 

Kissing his way to a new feud
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Even with enjoying the show, a lot of my complaints from the HIAC preview blog still stand. Tonight on RAW I hope they shake things up and move things forward. Bring in wrestlers who have gone MIA over the past few months. Shake up the title contender picture and freshen up the overall product. I won’t hold my breath but I’ll keep on BOlieving.

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