Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finding Mickey

A Hidden Mickey you have to create
By Kevin Hunsperger
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One of the other genius ideas by the folks at Walt Disney World is the concept of the "Hidden Mickeys" around the theme parks, resorts, and other Disney owned areas.  I don't know the whole back story behind the Mickeys, but in the book (written by Steven M. Barrett) there are more than 1,200 icons of the famous mouse around the properties.  I also have to credit my friend Devin Kidd for giving me the book.  He is the biggest Disney fan I've ever met and probably reading this from a Disney park right now.  

Do you see him?
The idea behind the Hidden Mickeys (at least I think) is to help pass the time while waiting in line at the parks.  I'll be honest, I forgot to bring the book to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, but I had it in hand at Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  I also cruised around the Art of Animation Resort with it too.  Another confession, I had no luck finding the Hidden Mickeys by just reading the Scavenger Hunt portion of the book, so I skipped ahead to the "hints" chapters of each park.

How about this one?
It became quite an adventure and my kids helped in the search. When park cast members saw me with the book, they'd keep the secrets alive.  Only one helped me out and I needed it on The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios.  When I searched around the restaurant at our resort, other patrons asked me to let them know when I found the Mickey because they couldn't.  Neither could I.

Not always a picture
Each Mickey has a point value assigned, and you can tally up your score at each park, resort, or restaurant.  We didn't keep score though.  Also, they're not all just the iconic Mickey ears.  Sometimes it's the word "Mickey Mouse", a body shot of him, or a Mickey you have to create yourself.  Like I said, it's fun and it really kills the time when you're in the Standby Line waiting for a ride.

This one was pretty easy

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