Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My New Endeavor

Hanging with Kurt Angle
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents

I didn't plan on telling everyone this through a blog, but it makes the most sense (or My 1-2-3 Cents), as I can reach everyone who has supported through the years with one simple post.  If you're reading this and know me, you know I LOVE pro wrestling.  I have always wanted to work (and get paid) in the wrestling business.  Several months ago, that opportunity presented itself.

TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) Wrestling posted a job opening in the fall for a writer/producer.  I had no idea if I qualified, but I figured with my years in TV and my love for wrestling, I should at least apply.  It was appealing to me too, because TNA (aka Impact Wrestling) is based in Nashville, so I wouldn't be far from my original home of St. Louis (where my parents and inlaws still live)

I once managed Velvet Sky
In January, the company's human resource manager called me.  This was more than two months after applying.  I was shocked when she invited me to Nashville for an interview.  So I went and I thought things went pretty well.  They did mention my blog and some of the anti-TNA posts Chad and I have made through the years.  It was a bit awkward, but I figured if they called me for the interview, they were at least interested in me.

Then another two months passed and I heard NOTHING from them.  Then on Monday, my phone rang as I was leaving work.  It was Dixie Carter (owner of TNA) herself, offering me the job.  So, I have accepted the position and will start working with TNA Impact Wrestling in June.  I still can not believe this is happening.  It went from nothing to something pretty fast.  We're still working on the details of whether we'll stay here and I'll just travel with the company (it's a road job) and come home during down time.

If you're in southern Illinois and reading this, thanks for your support through the years.  This appears to be the end of the road... except for the fact that this is an April Fool's joke.  (Did I get anyone?)

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  1. Do we still do the April Fools thing? Do we still do that?