Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walk the Wall

The Hunspergers visit Croatia 
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

I've been blogging over the last few weeks about our trip to Europe.  It was a great adventure, which included a cruise and several stops in countries I'll likely never visit again.  Our last stop was in Croatia and we spent part of the day in Dubrovnik.  

Checking out things
All I knew of Croatia was what I had heard in the news at they battled for independence in the early 1990's.  That was 10 years prior to our visit, so I never left like we were stopping in an unsafe area.  I was curious to see the country though and its rich history.  Our stop in Croatia was very brief, I think we were there about three or four hours before having to return to the ship and heading back home.

Little jailbirds 
Dubrovnik is a beautiful city.  It's surrounded by a giant wall, that you can buy a ticket for and walk around the city.  For just 16 bucks, (kids are free) the five of us took a closer look.  It was money well spent.  We got a birds eye view of the city.  As we walked, we came across little openings with bars that closed, so the kids got inside and looked like they were in jail.  

My kids were young at the time; 6, 5, and 1, so they weren't as impressed with the beautiful buildings and the amazing view out to the sea.  Their highlight was a woman who was hanging her clothes on a  line to dry.  It was one of those lines that come from the window and extend across to the next building.  They were in awe as they watched her hang stuff, pull the line and hang more clothes. 

Losing my head...
We had other photo ops along the way including Ethan pulling the rope as my head was in the guillotine.  Before we got back on the boat, we visited a woman selling trinkets to the tourists.  We bought each of the kids a set of Nesting Dolls to remember the historical country we had just visited.

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