Monday, April 21, 2014

The Incredible, Edible Egg

Scrambled eggs
By Kevin Hunsperger
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For 41 years I despised scrambled eggs, or at least I thought I did.  I tried them when I was a kid and didn't like them.  But I've read that our taste buds change every seven years, so it's important to try new things.  But it wasn't until a recent visit to a radio station that my perspective on eggs changed.

Until now, I only ate hard boiled eggs chopped up on a salad.  Or I'd eat French Toast, with the bread dipped in the egg mixture. But I never, ever ate eggs by themselves.  But after promoting the Southern Illinois Men's Health Conference on WGGH 1150 AM radio, my opinion changed.  

Dr. Jerry Felts
I was driving home from the station that Saturday morning tuned in to Dr. Jerry Felts' show, Health and Fitness.  I've interviewed Dr. Felts before, but his show on that particular day opened my eyes to something new.  He explained why he eats eggs and bacon for breakfast everyday.  You can read more here, but the bottom line is the extra protein in the morning helps curb cravings throughout the day.  

I was reluctant to try it, because for the last eight years, I've had blueberries, a banana, and some chocolate protein whey powder for breakfast.  It's a delicious trio, but admittedly, I was usually hungry before the end of the newscast each morning.  

Green eggs, no ham
A few weeks ago, I decided to scramble an egg.  Some mornings I add a piece of bacon, shredded chicken, or raw veggies.  I couldn't believe I actually liked this.  Now it's become a habit.  One twist I've really enjoyed is adding a whole avocado.  I scramble it all together.  Avocados are high in vitamins and good kinds of fat.  

I usually have breakfast around 2:30 a.m.  That one egg keeps me full until 7:30 or so, when I have my morning snack.  I think starting the day off with the egg helps to establish a pattern of healthier eating throughout the day (except for this week, as I've added some Reese's Eggs to the menu too).  I'm hoping this new egg habit pays off in the 2014 Operation Find My Abs that I've struggled with so far.  

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