Friday, January 17, 2014

WSIL: My 10 Years in Pictures

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

January 19, 2014 marks my 10 year anniversary at my job WSIL TV in Carterville, Illinois.  It has been a blast, and I'm working on an actual blog that I will post Sunday.  I wanted to share some photo memories of the last 10 years.  Unfortunately many of the early days weren't captured on camera, as smart phones and social media weren't around.  Thanks to all for the support.

Adding some makeup

Carried to the desk by former Producer Mike Roth

Epic artwork by Aaron Thompson

I'm really listening to Clint

Firing the cannon at John A. Logan College

Dress like the HR Manager Day (Sandy Mann)

The Grinch tried to steal News 3 This Morning

Lindsey Mastis, Dispatcher Ken Johnson, & Samantha Davies

Santa Kevin, Sophie, and Elf Emily

Viewer, griller, and author Jim "Rhino" Reincke

Payin' my harmonica

Subway adventure

The Man of Steel and Superman


Live at the new SIU Stadium

Pro wrestler Curly & Curly, Jr.

Caught in an armlock

Kristin Crowley & Mini Me

The return of the Twinkie

Eating a giant Gummy Bear


From the Land of Misfit Toys

Goodbye, Ross (at Crossroads Coffee)

National Squirrel Day

Groundhog Day!

Pullin' up my drawers

Lincoln's Birthday

More undead guests

Promo shot

Something on a stick day

2011 Polar Plunge

I'm taller than Emily

Ross Wece, my long lost son

Interviewing then Lt. Governor Pat Quinn

The old Carterville school

Happy Days star Marion Ross

Jann Carl & Rodney Miller: Small Town Big Deal

5 am start time

Producer Weston gets his kicks

Live at the big Carterville fire

Snow White, Goofy, and Dopey

Interrupting a promo

News with Muppets

Turkey Day fun

Producer Weston as me

Wild Wednesday Zebra Day

Meteorologist Ashley Smith, Emily, & Me

Supporting Robin Roberts

My new boxers

Bobble head!

Bret Beherns and I got ink

Ross stealing my phone

Wear pajamas to work day

Frozen yogurt

The ultimate multitasker 

Hug an Anchor Day

You like me, you really like me

Yes, I'm kissing Weston's cheek

Jalah Gray, Shriner Dale McGee, me, and Ashley Smith

Kristin's last day

Jim Gentile and Miss HerrinFesta

Who has two thumbs and is awesome?

The Kevin HunsBurger at Crossroads

The flamboyant Four Horsemen

Chicks dig the Sexy Panther cologne 

Caught in the Torture Rack

Vintage newsroom: 2005

Staci Bynum, Samatha, Debra O'Neil, & Chad Smart Photobomb

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2011

Farewell to Savage & Roth

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