Friday, January 3, 2014

Benoit's Comeback

Meeting Chris Benoit in 2007
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Several wrestling websites are reporting that the WWE has issued a memo stating that once the company's network is launched, material containing Chris Benoit will also be included.  Since Benoit killed his wife, Nancy and young son, Daniel in 2007, the WWE avoided airing any footage of the former World Heavyweight Champion.  He was included in the WWE Encyclopedia released in 2008 and his name still appears on the website's Title History page, but there's no link to a profile there.

Besides those mentions, you wouldn't find Benoit anywhere else in the archives.  When airing video packages from the first Money in the Bank match, Benoit's spots were cut out of the footage.  His name was mentioned by Ric Flair when the "Nature Boy" was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008.  It was edited out of the DVD version of it.

Chris Benoit in 2004
Photo courtesy: WWE
The WWE is expected to announce the network after years of anticipation next week in Las Vegas.  In part, the memo that was released says anytime Benoit footage will be a part of a show, an advisory will be displayed before the start of the program.  While I don't condone or excuse the last actions of Chris Benoit's life, I must admit I'm glad the WWE will include his matches on their network.

Many fans are wondering if this will lead to the eventual inclusion of Chris Benoit in the WWE Hall of Fame.  I don't see that happening, but as Vince McMahon has always said, "Anything can happen in the WWE."  For now, I'll just enjoy the work of the man, and not focus on the monster.

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  1. Hey i see ur point man. Its tough u know... Chris benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers back in the day. me and my sister would turn on smackdown and raw just to watch him sometimes we loved him! I till this day am shocked about what he did, but the truth is we will never know why he did that. Yeah i can see why wwe are trying to take out everything of him, its heartbreaking. i wish benoit cud come back... I mean everyday i think of him sometimes and am still shocked. Thats reallly koool you got to meet him i always wanted too. cant believe its almost 7 years since this happened, hey who knows he might make it to HOF but i dont see it happening. we miss u chris.