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Way Back WhensDay: Missy's Manor

Missy's Manor
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Confession time.  Missy Hyatt was my first wrestling crush.  When she showed up in World Class Championship Wrestling back in 1985, I was in love.  Blond hair, a bright smile, and those big beautiful... eyes.  Of course I was 12 at the time and if you were ever a teenage boy, you know what I'm talking about.

Missy quickly established herself as a woman fans loved to hate.  She feuded with the ever popular Sunshine before eventually leaving WCCW for Universal Wrestling Federation.  She stayed with her man John Tatum, but found a new foe in Dark Journey.  It wasn't long into her time there that she ended up with "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and the two created Hyatt and Hot Stuff International.  The duo was red hot and had young charges Sting and Rick Steiner under their tutelage.

But I was always a WWF fan first.  So you can imagine my joy in 1987 when I had read that Missy was heading to New York.  WWF had more programming on at the time and more press in all the magazines, so I knew we'd be seeing more of Missy.

The article from WWF Magazine
However, I don't ever recall actually seeing Missy on WWF TV.   WWF Magazine did a short writeup about her getting a new talk show called Missy's Manor.  It was set to replace the wildly popular Piper's Pit.  Roddy Piper had retired at Wrestlemania III, so the company was looking for a replacement show on WWF Superstars.

I don't know if the segments ever aired, like I said I don't ever remember seeing them, and I was a pretty dedicated fan back then.  If I wasn't home watching, I was recording Superstars and Prime Time Wrestling and watching them later. It seems like Missy's time in the WWF was over before it actually started.

I've seen clips of Missy's Manor on YouTube, and I'll be honest, they're kinda rough.  Part of the problem in my opinion is the WWF didn't really do a good job introducing fans to Missy.  I also don't think they had a clear cut role established for Missy.  She had been such a good heel in WCCW and UWF, she seemed out of place in WWF putting down the company's top heels like Randy Savage, Honky Tonk Man, and Bobby Heenan.  Plus, she was expected to fill the shoes of the greatest wrestling talk show host of all time in Piper.  The deck seemed to be stacked against her from the beginning.

Missy & The Can-Am Connection
I wish the WWF would have come up with something better for Missy to do while she was there.  I would have loved to seen her as a valet.  This was right before Savage turned face with Elizabeth. It would have been nice if Missy had someone she could have led into battle against the Macho Man.  At that time Vince McMahon was too focused on the big man, but I think her husband Eddie Gilbert would have been perfect for the role.

But as I said, Missy's Manor never saw the light of day and didn't take her long to return to UWF and eventually WCW and the rest is wrestling history.  As a fan of both Missy Hyatt and the WWF, I wish things could have worked out differently.  But Missy has had a great career and created many memorable moments for her fans.  Oh, if you'd like to check out those lost episodes of Missy's Manor, click the link below.

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