Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear 16 Year Old Me

16 Year Old Me
Going to buy a car, Sun In in my hair
By Kevin Hunsperger
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If you're reading this for the first time in 2016, I wrote my 16 year old self this letter three years ago.  I've decided to share it again.  Thanks for checking it out.  

Dear Kevin:

Let's get this out there first and foremost.  You are a geek.   Twenty-four years later, you're still a geek. But it's okay, because in about three years you're going to meet your future wife in college.  Lisa will do wonders for you and help pull you out of your shell.  She will be your best friend and the mother of your three children.  Yes, three kids.  Plan for a hectic middle age period.

Before you get to all that though, there's quite a journey ahead.  For the most part, you'll do the right thing along the way, but here's some free advice to consider.

You just got your drivers license.  The car you are about to purchase should never be described as your "dream car."  It's a lemon.  In fact, the damn thing isn't going to start when you meet the owners at the bank, so wear comfortable shoes because you're walking home.

You've got two more years of high school.  Get more involved.  Your senior year, you'll find drama club and yearbook staff.  These are two activities that you will love, so my advice, join those clubs NOW.  Don't wait for people to approach you.  You're going to have to make the first move from time to time.  This applies to all aspects of life, yes even girls.

Study harder.  You have a ton of potential, but you won't ever fully reach it.  You procrastinate way too much.  I'll finish that thought later...  

You will work hard to get to where you are professionally.  For that, you should be proud.  But don't get complacent.  The road to where you landed was windy and uphill most of the way, but continue to work hard once you're there.

I know you're not crazy about running cross country and track.  Even though I advise you to join yearbook and drama, stick to running too.  Here's why.  After a nearly 20 year break,  you're going to start doing it again, and doing it better than you are now.  Once you hit you hit the big 4-Oh, you will be in better shape than you are now in high school.  Start eating healthier now and work out more.  Don't be intimidated when it comes to hitting the gym.  The important thing is to just start.

I guess the lecture is over.  Love the ones close to you and don't be afraid to tell them that, often.  Life is short and it can change in an instant.  Be yourself.  Things that matter at this moment will be a distant memory before you know it.  I know that's easier said than done, but trust me don't sweat the small stuff.  It'll be fine.

Take care,

P.S. The Sun In idea you're about to follow up on is not a good one.  Remember, be yourself, not how you think others want you to be.  Brown hair and brown eyes are just fine.

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