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Are They Paul Heyman Guys?

Is Paul Heyman looking for a new guy?
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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WWE's website recently teased the fact that Paul Heyman may be looking to add a third client to his collection.  With CM Pun reportedly on the shelf until Summer Slam and Brock Lesnar being a "part timer", I could see the logic in finding a new Paul Heyman Guy.  I feel like Heyman is one of the best things about the WWE right now, so more TV time with him would not be a bad thing.

So who exactly should become the next client.  After reviewing the roster of superstars, I've come up with a few ideas.  Keep in mind, I don't watch much (actually any) NXT, so I can't really judge the talent there, other than the few guys I've seen on independent shows and in other companies.  For that reason, I'm going to stick to the current roster of superstars.

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Michael McGillicutty may not be the perfect choice here, but I think he's someone to be considered.  He is a third generation superstar who got lost in the shuffle pretty quickly after being a part of NXT Season 2.  By blood line alone, I think Michael deserves a shot.  He is a former tag team champion, but then again, who isn't at this point, besides members of actual tag teams.  Anyway, I think the lack of mic skills that Michael has would make him ideal to be a Heyman guy.  Storyline wise, the duo could argue that he's been overlooked and neglected by management and he deserves a shot.  The son of Mr. Perfect and the grandson of Larry "the Axe" Hennig should not be used as enhancement talent on Internet shows and non-televised events. (This is Heyman talking)  Under Heyman's advisement and with some help from CM Punk upon his return, I think Michael could become a contender to the U.S. or Intercontinental titles.

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Former U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro seemed to be lost in the shuffle even when he was the champion.  Online reports say writers and fans find him boring.  Honestly, Cesaro is one of my favorites on the roster right now.  Clearly he's one of the best wrestlers in the WWE, but for some reason lacks the flash and piazza that the WWE Universe seems to crave.  I loved his gimmick before when he was the elite unAmerican dominating the competition.  I really thought that was going to lead to something down the road and not just a quick title switch with Kofi Kingston.  Now he seems to be Randy Orton's whipping boy.  Heyman could be that mouth piece, the extra ingredient that the WWE deems essential for success these days.  Better yet, bring up Kassius Ohno and give us a Kings of Wrestling reunion and let Heyman lead the way.

Don't laugh at this one, as I'm serious.  I think it makes sense for Zack Ryder to be a Paul Heyman Guy.  I'll admit I got caught up in the Ryder Mania hype a couple years back.  Heck, I even submitted four different Broski of the Week videos before finally being picked for Episode 22.  Watch my submission here...

Courtesy: WWE
So obviously I'm a fan of Zack's.  Or at least I was.  I think he was a victim of no exposure to over exposure, back to no exposure.  I also think the Jersey Shore, fist pumping gimmick is old and he really needs to evolve as a performer if he's going to survive the long haul.  The unspiked hair is a start.  A heel turn and a merger with Heyman could help take Zack to the "golden ring" and "get him over" like nothing else has before.

I realize the three choices have been guys who have struggled to gain real traction in the WWE.  But that's exactly what Heyman needs in a client and what the WWE needs in terms of cultivating new talent.  Part time guys like Lesnar, Triple H, and the Undertaker were great years ago, but it is truly time for the WWE to develop that next generation of talent and Paul Heyman is the right guy to help lead that charge.

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