Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Hornswoggle?

Mystery solved, but why?
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By Kevin Hunsperger
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 Those of you who watched Raw this past Monday night learned the answer to a longtime mystery in the WWE. The anonymous Raw General Manager was Hornswoggle. Yeah, that's right we're to believe that for more than a year the diminutive wrestler was behind one of the WWE's biggest angles. After all, week after week fans speculated who was sending all those mystery emails setting up matches and making the rules on the show.

 Then on July 9, 2012 we found out it was Hornswoggle. It's a move that still has me shaking my head and really losing more than a little faith in the WWE Creative Team. It seems like they pitched this angle in the trash just for the sake of doing it. I don't think the WWE ever had a plan for the reveal, so I don't know why they did something so hastily. I think we could have all gone without this.

Daddy's boy
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 Of course this isn't the first big angle that we've seen Hornswoggle the focus of. Several years ago he learned that he was the "illegitimate son" of Mr. McMahon. Initially I believe Mr. Kennedy was supposed to be the one revealed as the long lost son, but he had gotten hurt or suspended around the time the announcement was made. In the long run though Hornswoggle turned out to be pulling a fast one on the McMahons with his "real" father Finley.

Hornswoggle is entertaining to the kids, but as an adult I find him borderline annoying.  If the creative team wants to use him, he should be in that silly sidekick role, and not the center piece of major story lines.  I'm not hating on the guy, I'm just expressing some frustration that I've had with several things in the WWE right now and Hornswoggle is the straw who broke the camel's back.

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